Is your little one ready to start exploring food? It’s such an exciting milestone and so much fun to watch as they experience all the new tastes & smells. To help you navigate turning your kitchen into a cafe for your little one we’ve compiled some of our weaning must-haves below.

Aprons & Bibs: When feeding at home we’d recommend an apron. You’re sure to find food in all sorts of strange places but at least with an apron you can make sure as much of them is covered as possible! This set from Konges Sløjd is perfect for the job; easy to wipe clean and just gorgeous!

If you’re feeding on the go we love these croco green bibs from Done by Deer. Wipe clean, waterproof and with a clever pocket to catch all the food that misses!


Cups & Bottles: Get prepared for some wet floors as your little one starts to work out how to drink from an open cup! It’s not the easiest skill to master but these Done by Deer silicone mini mugs have a great size and shape for little fingers to hold on to.

For when you’re out and about this Done by Deer straw bottle is your best companion, with a hide-away straw that stops liquid from spilling and a carry handle to help those little fingers open their drink.

Tableware & Cutlery: For either baby led or traditional weaning when it comes to first foods you’ll definitely need a bowl! This peekaboo bowl is made of food grade silicone, making it shatterproof and suitable for use in the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher as well as having anti-slip features. 

This O.B.K. divider plate is perfect as you start to introduce more complex meals with different flavours & textures. It also comes with a handy lid making it perfect for meals on-the-go.

Whilst those little hands will likely be the main utensil for getting grub from plate to mouth, its never too early to introduce cutlery. This O.B.K fork and spoon set is the ideal starter set being soft and light and easy for little hands to grab and little mouths to chew.

Most importantly make sure you have the camera ready to capture the wonderful weaning moments! Avocado all over the face, spoon in eye, broccoli all over the floor - it’s all part of the fun. Share your pics with us on instagram using the #weaningmoments.