With sunnier days on the horizon and summer holidays just around the corner we’ve popped together a little list of some of what we’ll be packing to make sure summer adventures with the little ones are as stress-free as they can be.

1. Snacks. It’s not worth contemplating a family day out that doesn’t involve snacks! On TCS family day-trips we stick to things like rice cakes, dried fruit, breadsticks and popcorn that don’t squash too easily. All of which get popped in our O.B.K snack pot to avoid spillages from excitable little hands.


2. Muslins. I think most parents will tell you you’re never more than 6 feet away from a muslin once you’ve had a baby! Perfect for…well everything! Mopping up mess, feeding privacy, creating some shade, a blanket on the grass or as an extra layer if the weather turns. This gorgeous swaddle muslin from Little Blue Nest will definitely do all of the above.


3. Sun Hats & Sunnies. It’s quite the treat in ol’Blighty to have to be worried about sun safety; even more so when we get to dress the kiddies in bucket hats like these from Me & Henry and the most picture perfect sunglasses from LeoSun.


4. Toys. Traffic jams, long queues, train rides - all scenarios which require back-up entertainment to keep the team happy! The older children will love this memory match game from Floss & Rock and these little Chunkichilli puppets are perfect for entertaining the whole family.


5. Layers. We’re not blessed with the most predictable weather so gorgeous summer days can quickly turn into chilly, drizzly & grey summer days; which is why layering is our best friend! Dungarees are the perfect core layer where t-shirts, long sleeve tops, jumpers, cardigans and coats can be added as the weather changes! Our current go-to outfit includes these Lilly & Sid dungarees, a staple white tee and this very apt “Let’s have an adventure” sweatshirt both from Bob & Blossom.

All this talk of sunny days has got us all excited! Now to decide where to go…